Interview with Stage Manager Birgit Müller

Birgit, you joined Entity Theatre at the beginning of this year. Since then, you acted as stage manager during the 24-hour festival, became a Board member in October and currently you are the stage manager for The Seagull, our big winter production. What is it that sparked your interest in theatre and have you been involved in other drama groups before?

I started drama in 1986 when I became a member of FEST e.V. in Frankfurt (Frankfurt Englisch Speaking Theatre). I worked with them from 1986 – 2003. In the 90’s I also worked for the American Military Base in Frankfurt for their Playhouse Theatre. I was always primarily involved in stage management and lights. At my time at FEST I was involved @ FEATS 9x. I moved to Munich from Frankfurt in 2011 and wasn’t actually keen on re-activating theatre. However, in 2019 I came across FEATS hosted by Entity Theatre and established contact.

Birgit (middle), taking notes during a rehearsal

How would you describe some typical tasks of a stage manager?

Basically, a stage manager is responsible that the show goes on air, runs smoothly and no casualties occur. He/she may take on more responsibilities depending on interest, talent and team but this is very individual.In principle, a stage manager has a coordinative/ managing function and can only perform with an excellent team behind him. 

Birgit and Light Designer Daniel

From a stage manager’s point of view, which aspects do you enjoy most about The Seagull?

As a stage manager I believe you have to stage any play, regardless of your personal thoughts about it. In this sense it is purely professional, not a matter of liking.
…and what are the challenging parts? Is there something that surprised you?We will see at Tech Rehearsal …

Why do you think people should come out and see The Seagull?

I see all plays mainly from a backstage point of view. Some are more fun, some less. However, the Seagull rehearsals are very intriguing and the actors do an excellent job, so the Seagull should rock it.

Pictures: Katrin Fegert


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