THE SEAGULL – Meet The Cast!

“I’m still adrift in a chaos of dreams and images, with no faith in myself, and no idea where I’m going, or what I’m for.”

Oliver Sachgau plays Konstantin

Esther Gilvray plays Irina Arkadina

I hate myself as a writer. I often write in a kind of a fog, and I dont know what am writing about.

Makrand Mujumdar plays Boris Trigorin

“Oh, wasn’t it good before, Kostya ! – when everything was so clear, and life was so simple and happy – the feelings we had… feelings as delicate as tiny flowers. Remember that time? “

орошо было прежде, Костя! Помните? Какая ясная, теплая, радостная, чистая жизнь, какие чувства, — чувства, похожие на нежные, изящные цветы… Помните?..
Dasha Kozlova plays Nina

“If love worms its way into your heart, dig it out.”

Luiza Maddalozzo plays Masha

“…who wants to marry a man who can’t even feed himself?”

Probal Shome plays Medvedenko

” I once started to sing like that and one of the assistant prosecutors said to me. ‘You have a very powerful voice, your excellency.’ He thought for a moment, then added, ‘Powerful – but perfectly horrible!’ “

Roger Voight plays Sorin

“I’m ready to give you ten years of my life, but horses I cannot give you.”

Shreyas Bettadapura Raghavendra plays Shamrayev

Doris Herwig plays Polina

Antoine Pelletier plays Dorn

(f.l.t.r.) Martin Büsing, Ephel Itzkovich and Ana Maria Casado Nunez play Yakov, Cook and Maid

…and Gully MCGullface plays The Seagull!

Pictures: Katrin Fegert


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